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PostSubject: Server Features   Server Features Icon_minitimeTue 24 May - 13:02

A new website is under construction, more information on the announcements and a link to view it so you may stay ontop of when it's going to be ready. We will have a "User CP", so you may manage your game account and characters, as well as an automated vote reward system. We expect our new website to be finished sometime this next week.

~ Freya server (06/03/2011).
~ 1 hours buffs, great npc buffer - player & pets.
~ Fully working geodata & pathnodes.
~ Custom economy; mantra drops and Apiga.
~ 100% up time, no lag.
~ Experienced GM team, updates frequently.
~ Active GM staff, online everyday.
~ S84 introduced in next content patch, so that new players won't be behind.
~ 50x exp rates, vitality up to 75x.
~ Hot fixes to balance classes.
~ Raid merchant.
~ Event reward merchant.
~ Vote reward merchant.
~ Customized shops, easy to navigate.
~ Enchant retail-like, max +16 weapon, +10 armor (66%).
~ Champion monsters; drop Apiga, which is also dropped by Raid Bosses and Kamalokas.
~ Customized hunting zones.
~ TvT Events
~ Lvl 80-85 double exp zones
~ Great client patch; including smart colored combat text, large camera zoom, distant targets, epic stuff.

*Content Patches*
Every so often we will release a "content patch", which will include new leveling areas, as well as new equipment. We feel that this will allow new players to catch up to old players.

Our next content patch will include S84 shops, as well as new level 80-85 double exp zones with an amazing custom interactive environment that is sure to never make you bored!

Lineage][Fusion's staff works around the clock, each and every day. Our goal is to set new standards in the Lineage 2 private gaming community, and were doing nothing less then that. It's amazing what a small group of international talented strangers can do when they put their minds to it, this is Lineage][Fusion.

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Server Features
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