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PostSubject: Patch Notes   Patch Notes Icon_minitimeThu 26 May - 12:26

--- Live Patch Notes ---

~ "The Grid" 80+ custom dungeon is finished.
~ Clan skill items added to Apiga merchant.
~ Forgotten Scrolls added to misc shop.
~ Increased Seal Stones drop rate by x5.
~ More work on world manager.
~ Finished new buffer.
~ Updated enchant shop, d/c/b/a armor enchants cost mantras + adena, s armor enchant costs mantras + apiga + adena, d/c/b weapon enchants cost mantras + adena, a/s weapon enchants cost apiga + mantra + adena.
~ Fixed cocktail potions, they now consume the potion when used.
~ Updated our Merchant of Mammon.
~ Working on Tattoos, will be available soon.
~ Started work on double exp & S84 zones.
~ World manager - handles donations, events, and voting rewards.
~ Fusion's weapons, armor, and misc shop have been updated and made more convenient for players to use. Additionally, all of Giran/Gludio's weapon/armor/accessory/grocery merchants have an additional store, linking you to Fusion's custom merchants, making it more convenient for players to shop, no matter where they are in town.
~ C Grade weapons/armor added to Fusion shops.
~ Mana Drugs now heal double the mana they use to over 30 seconds, mana procs every 2 seconds.
~ Mantra drops updated, will continue testing.
~ Patch v1.3, a must have for all players playing on v1.2.
~ New economy, check it out.
~ Monster levels are now shown above their names.
~ Pet buffer added in-game.
~ A weapon SA no longer requires gemstones, only the SA crystal which is sold at the Apiga Merchant. Players may visit the Item Enhancement, Blacksmith of Mammon for an SA. He is located in Gludio, Giran, and Craftsman's Terrace.
~ Subclass change is now free.
~ Maximum accounts online per player reduced to 3.
~ In-game homepage button will now redirect you to our website.

--- CBT Patch Notes ---

~ Added Apiga drops to all Raid Bosses Lvl 60-89. Drop rate may change with further testing.
~ Completed s80 donation craft shop, all donation crafts have their material cost reduced by 50%.
~ Paid to disable ads on website.
~ Added Dynasty / Moirai Jewels to S80 Merchant.
~ S80 Merchant now sells unsealed items, rather than sealed.
~ Added Arcana Sigil (S-Grade) to armor shop.
~ Completed Masterwork (Foundation Item Exchange) item shop. Contains weapons,armor, and jewls [103 items! (S80,S84)]. Trade your regular equipment + Apiga in for the Masterwork item. The exchange is available via Merchant of Mammon or the Apiga Merchant.
~ Added clan level 3,4,5 quest items to Apiga Merchant. 25 Apiga each, lvl 3 quest item does NOT drop off mobs anymore. Players may still do level 4 and 5 quests or choose to raise enough Apiga via organized raids.
~ Added Noblesse quest item Carradine's Letter to misc shop. Sells for x100 adamantine & x100 orichalcum, available in s80 material zones. If you wish to save materials, you may do the quest.
~ Completed Craftsmen's Terrace.
~ "AIO Trial" All characters will get to experience the power of AIO buffs, one time only. Visit the in-game Buff Master "Nikia" to claim your AIO Trial! Learn how you can permanently own an AIO buff character by visiting the donations page.
~ Added rare and masterpiece items (S80+ foundation item exchange) to Blacksmith of Mammon. Players will trade their normal weapon/armor + Apiga to gain a weapon/armor that has a special enchantment.
~ Made all buffs last 1 hour (except self-buffs).
~ Added Resist Shock to NPC Buffer. Prophecies & CoV will stay, 3rd class dances/songs will not be offered from the NPC Buffer anymore.
~ Adjusted Adena drop rate to better fit shop prices.
~ Completed B-Grade weapon shop.
~ Mithril Mines (78+ Solo Zone) now drops S80 materials and Dynasty Weapons / Armor (retail-like drop rate). Material drops are 40% less likely to drop than Imperial Tomb (76+ Party Zone) and have been reduced in the quantity that they drop.
~ Donation page currently under construction, please view and vote on the poll here.
~ Lottery tickets and winnings increased.
~ The regular S80 craft shop no longer requires (60%) recipes. Instead, the donator craft shop will use (60%) rather than (100%).
~ Added Moirai Armor to the S80 craft shop. Shop Contains Dynasty & Moirai armor/weapons.
~ Added Apiga drops to Kamaloka bosses. We'll see if the drops are sufficient enough for the party difficulty.
~ Balanced enchantment scroll's sell price at Apiga Merchant.
~ Dye sets now cost 3 Apiga, down from 10 Apiga for a set.
~ Added Special Ability Soul Crystals (Stage - 5,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18) to Apiga Merchant.
~ Added C,B,A,S-Grade (S80,S84) Special Ability shop & (S80,S84) armor unseal to a permanently spawned Blacksmith of Mammon.
~ Offline player shops enabled. Offline players will have a different color name.
~ Added Item Auctioneer
~ Updated to latest Freya - The Second Throne server files on 5/27/2011.
~ Treasure Chests will no longer spawn.
~ Added more mobs in execution grounds to make it better leveling 20-40.
~ Trash drops from all "preferred hunting zones" have been deleted.
~ Champion mobs higher lvl than the player have a 66% chance to drop (1) Apiga.
~ Imperial Tomb now drops materials used to craft S80 weapons & armor.
~ MiniRaid Island for lvl 67-75 players has been added. Currently consists of 3 MiniRaids designed for a party of 6 players. Drops 4-6 Apiga per player.
~ Although players are prompted by a tutorial pop-up dialogue box to change class, we have added a class change master to Gludio & Giran.
~ Exp rates changed from 15x to 50x Rates (Vitality level 1 = 55x --- 2 = 60x --- 3 = 65x --- 4 = 75x).

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Patch Notes
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