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Quote :
The Attribute Master NPC provides a couple of services in relation to the attribute system. There are currently two Attribute Master NPCs in Aden outside the Blacksmith Shop and in Rune Castle Town just north of the Gatekeeper.

You can buy attribute potions for any of the 6 attribute elements from those NPCs. These potions give you a 10 minutes buff which increases the attribute resistance for the element of your choice by 30.

You can also exchange attribute stones for the same number of attribute stones of the opposite type for free, i.e. water stones for fire stones. Crystals cannot be exchanged this way though.

On High Five, you now also have the option to exchange attribute stones for attribute crystals. The rate of exchange is 5 single-type attribute stones plus 3 million Adena for 1 Crystal of the same attribute.

Lastly, the NPC gives you the option to remove an attribute from your weapon or armor piece for a small fee. This way you can apply new attribute to your items if you want to.

Find this bitch, her name is Yin. Slap her around, throw her in Giran, and flesh her out to do a bunch of shit with element crystals. Especially that thing I bolded.
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Attribute Master Yin
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